You know you are a Dog Lover

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You Know You Are A Dog Lover shows man’s best friend right where he or she belongs – in charge!

With 40 illustrated captions you too will soon know whether you are indeed a dog lover!

The book is available in both paperback and on Kindle at or

This is some of what readers have said on Amazon:

  • “I really enjoyed this book & could so relate to it! I highly recommend it to other pet parents! It was wonderful!”
  • “A great present for any dog owner”
  • “And I can see myself on a couple of those dog owner IDs. My family might say there are more than just a couple. If you are a dog owner you need to read this. Just don’t ID yourself out loud”
  • “I bought this as a gift for a friend who owns a dog – a perfect present!”
  • “This is a very wonderful book that is a great read for all ages. I really enjoyed the cartoons. Look forward to read more from this author.”
  • “This is a charming little book… and as a dog lover, I laughed at most of the cartoons. It is one that should be bought as a paperback or hardback and given as a gift to a dog lover… for display on their coffee table. Great for all ages…. basically anyone who loves dogs and wants a giggle.”
  • “I really enjoyed this short book of cartoons. I was certainly surprised (perhaps embarrassed) that so many of the cartoons in the book applied to me. It goes to show that I really am a dog lover. I highly recommend this humorous little book to dog lovers everywhere. It is sure to put a smile on your face!”
  • “I am someone who for many years made his living drawing cartoons so this one caught my eye. I am also the owner of two dogs so it was double the pleasure. The cartoons are very well drawn, and each of the “you know you are a dog lover…” lines are so very true and each of them brought a smile to my face at the very least. This is a great series of books and this one is every bit deserving of its place in it. Recommended for dog lovers and anyone who wants a good laugh.”



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