You know you are a Runner

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“You Know You Are A Runner” takes a humorous look at the obsessive nature of runners based on submissions from runners and their families.

With 40 illustrated captions you too will soon know whether you are indeed a runner!

The book is available in both paperback and on Kindle at or

This is some of what readers have said on Amazon:

  • “…roll on floor funny…”
  • “…I can definitely identify with some of the cartoons…”
  • “…A perfect gift for any long-suffering runners partner…”
  • “…I could see myself reflected in some of the scenarios and I could match other pages to people in my running group. Very funny.”
  • “I just read this with my girlfriend who certainly is a runner going on how many of the examples she totally agreed with (I seem to be a semi runner so far)! A very amusing and surprisingly accurate collection of observations, to the point where Kate seemed to think it was an academic piece of work!! lol”
  • “Hilarious! Right from the very first cartoon this little gem was laugh out-loud funny. I’d swear these entries were about me…”
  • “I bought this book as a secret Santa present for a female club runner. She opened it up and started laughing and agreeing with each picture”
  • “this book is full of funny but true facts about us lovely runners. if you can’t relate…you are not a runner!”

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Book Preview:
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Book Reviews:

“There have been books written about it but none quite yet as presented in the manner of You Know You Are A Runner…Both genders of runners are not spared in his book, and body parts, love of apparels, stress testing and holiday planning are only some of the subjects lampooned…”

“If you’re looking for a beautifully illustrated gift for the runner in your life or another way to assess yourself against a running rival, then this could be just the ticket.”

“Some of his observations are funny, others are just too close to the mark! One thing is for sure, every runner will be able to relate to the vast majority of these fantastic illustrations and quotations. I would highly recommend this book as a gift to any runner from their long suffering husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, friends or associates. They will certainly thank you for it!” FullStride Running Blog

I enjoyed reading it and I was amused as I paged through it. This is just the sort of book I would buy as a stocking filler for a friend who was either a runner or married to a runner.  Roger Alsop Running

“…And who knows, perhaps you might find one or two that resonate so deeply with you that you will want to cut them out to hang it up somewhere.” Running Mom

“This is a must for any runner and would make an ideal gift for a runner friend. Perfect to have lying around on your coffee table or office desk at work” Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

“This book will give us a lot of good opportunities to laugh at ourselves as we enjoy being runners!” Running Injury Free


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