You know you are an Engineer

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You Know You Are An Engineer… celebrates the quirky characteristics that are universally understood by anyone who knows or lives with an engineer, or technically minded person.

This is the third book in the “You Know You Are” book series, and was assembled with help from engineers, their families and colleagues.

With 40 illustrated captions you too will soon know whether you are true engineer!

Or if you are looking for a birthday present or graduation gift for the Engineer in your life, then look no further. This will have them laughing in no time!

The book is available in both paperback and on Kindle at or


This is some of what readers have said on Amazon:

  • “If you have a relative or friend who is an engineer you will enjoy this”
  • “You know you are an engineer when you find these jokes relatable. This is a cute little comic. Some corny but in a good way”
  • “This is a great item to give during the holidays, funny and one that will make the person receiving it laugh WITH everyone else, even if it is at their own expense”
  • “I’m not sure what else to say cept it was worth it for the chuckles. Many of these are T-shirt worthy”


If you have already read the book and would like to post your own review on the Amazon website, that would be appreciated, and if you tell us about your review, we will even put you in the draw to win a ‘You Know You Are’ T-shirt’


Book Preview:
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