You know you are Getting Older

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Looking for the perfect birthday present for that person that is hard to buy for?

Well, this is it!

You Know You Are Getting Older will cheer up anyone who is frustrated with the ageing process.  They say laughter is the best medicine!

This is the sixth book in the “You Know You Are” book series and with 40 illustrated captions, you can’t help but see the humorous side of ageing.

The book is available in both paperback and on Kindle at or


This is some of what readers have said on Amazon:

  • “I found it funny and true to life. Me and my BFF laughed together over the book. You will enjoy it.”
  • “Love the comic news format and the quips are great. Nice quick laughs and oh so true for those of us who are older”


If you have already read the book and would like to post your own review on the Amazon website, that would be appreciated, and if you tell us about your review, we will even put you in the draw to win a ‘You Know You Are’ T-shirt’


Book Preview:
You Know You Are Getting Older Book Cover You Know You Are Getting Older Book Page 1 You Know You Are Getting Older Book Page 2
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