Recommend Us and Earn Commission

Did you know that Amazon pays an affiliate commission to people who refer buyers to their website/s?

It’s called the Amazon Associate Program and depending on what the person you refer buys, and which of their worldwide websites they purchase from, you can earn between 4% and 10% commission providing that they purchase within 24 hours of clicking on your referral link.

Because all of our books and eBooks are sold exclusively via Amazon, this means that you can earn a commission by recommending us.

Simply visit your preferred Amazon website (, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain) and scroll down to the bottom of their home page.  There you should find a section entitled “Make Money with Us” and under that you will find “Amazon Associates”, “Amazon Affiliates”, or something similar.  Click on that and follow the instructions to register.

Amazon Affiliate Program

And once you have registered, use your Amazon affiliate links to refer people to either our books and eBooks, or any other products on the Amazon websites – and start earning referral commissions.

And one last thing: It doesn’t matter whether the people you refer actually purchase the product that your link refers them to.  You earn a commission on anything (and everything) that they buy!

So refer them to one of our eBooks and if they end up purchasing a kindle as well, then you earn commission on both the eBook sale and the kindle sale.

If you have any questions about the Amazon Associate Program we would be happy to answer them. Just send us a message via our Contact Us page, and if you would like one of our cartoons for your promotion, please let us know and we will be happy to send something to you.